Friday, January 2, 2015

Making sure 2015 is your best year yet: Day 1 & 2 - Gratitude and Organization

Its been just 24 hours into the new year and I have already been tardy in documenting the first 30 days of this 365 day process - automatic fail, lol. However,  in my defence I have also just spent the last 24 hours commuting between continents and am now sitting at my lap top jet leg, sick and not sure of what time it really is. Which, means that this should turn out to be a rather interesting post with even more spelling mistakes than usual. Anyhow I digress. 

So regardless of my failing to document this process, I have actually been giving it much thought and have selected a couple of key focuses over the past couple days. 

Thursday January 1, Internal focus - Gratitude

It has been ages since I have gone out for New Years Eve. The whole process of getting super dressed up, paying a fortune and than getting stuck in and out of the cold between taxi and bar lines is a nightmare. Therefore for the past few years I have opted out of the chaos of new years and stuck to a more civilized and calming plan of action - ringing the new year in at the temple. Now I know what you all are thinking, this post is about to go religious, but fear not my dear cyber friends. I will not by any means be preaching anything about the big guy.

Anyhow the whole temple experience always left me feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for days and weeks following new years eve. So this year as I opted to join in the madness of new years celebrations, I focused my thoughts on all things I was thankful for and then like the overflowing bubbly, the clock struck midnight and I reached for my phone to text my parents and got emotional. I got emotional writing out my text, hugging my friends and just looking around at where I was. I was absolutely oozing of gratitude for the life I have and it left me feeling so amazing as January 1st continued. 

Sooo I ask you all - while we can not go back to the 1st of January, to take out your iPad's, notepads, diaries, whatever you have and just right down the numbers 1-20 on the left side of your page and list out the top 20 things you are grateful for. And when you are done, review that list, memorize it, hell stick it to the wall next to your mirror and review it EVERY SINGLE DAY. Because you will find that even in the hardest of days, that list will keep you honest to the belief that life is pretty awesome and will continue the flow of all your positive energies and beliefs. 

Friday January 2nd, Internal Focus - Organization 

God i totally sound like a parent  - don't I? I mean who focuses on organization? Trust me, if you knew me before you would know that the life of a travelling consultant is maddening. You live in and out of a suit case in a constant state of piled up bills, errands to run, laundry and dry cleaning to make time to do and everything else in between. And while travel for me has cut down, coming back after a two and a half week break, made me think of only one thing, from the moment the plane touched down - unpack, pay bills, go through mail, HELL JUST GET FREAKING ORGANIZED!!!!

I know it seems minor, but getting organized is like clearing out the clutter - YOU HAVE TO DO IT, after all a clutter free environment, clears the space for positive thoughts, energy and all else in between. 

So I ASK YOU ALL OUT THERE IN CYBER SPACE - DO YOU HAVE CLUTTER TO CLEAR?!?! THAN!!! Do not hold off any longer, do not continue another second. Clear your calendar to clear your clutter and really let it all get done!!! 

And that's that for now :) Let's hope that I can jump off this tardy bandwagon beginning tomorrow. Tootles cyber space, till tomorrow. 

- A 

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