Monday, January 5, 2015

Making sure 2015 is your best year yet: Day 6 - Become a morning person

Now I for sure know you all think I have gone mental. Yes this is right, I am suggesting that in making 2015 your best year yet - you commit to becoming a morning person. 

I used to try to sleep as long as I could in the morning and then rush out of bed, get to work and count the hours till the day was done, so that I could do the things I wanted to most. But than I got staffed on a project with someone Senior to me that used to begin his work days at 530AM and log off at around 530-6pm at least for a few hours to get his me-time in. Since he had started early he felt no guilt, for logging off when he did. Even if that meant that some of us were meant to pick up the late night shifts. 

Now, I am not that type of a morning person. It takes me at least 30-45 minutes to be able to properly converse after emerging from my slumber. So I have learnt to love and do the reverse. I AM ADMITTING TO THE CYBER WORLD, that I, little old me, am a 530AM riser from Monday to Friday. But this little bumpkin does not emerge to respond to emails, but rather to pack up my belongings, head to the gym or for a run or for yoga, a hot shower, a relaxing get ready time and than to wherever my office may happen to be for the time being. 

By becoming a morning person, I feel like I have woken up, by making my well being a priority. Therefore when anyone asks me to help or do something that may take longer than the 6 o'clock hour, I don't feel annoyed, angered or guilty because I have already spent time doing what was really important for my mental health. 

Now I am not asking anyone out there to wake up every morning to exercise or do work, but rather to think about what's important to you and what isn't getting included in the day to day, simply because you are distracted or feeling like there isn't enough hours in the day.  I think its important for us all to understand the things that are most important to us and to make time for them. I mean we are all living lives that are an endless game of searching for more time - So why not create it? Lessen the stress? And along the way increase the enjoyment and happiness?

Come on - you know you all want to try it???? GET INTO BED and set your alarms at least 30 minutes earlier to do something you know you love to, but haven't had a chance to lately. 

Signing off so I can retrieve to my slumber in preparation for this 530 AM wake-up call

- A 

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