Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Making sure 2015 is your best year yet: Day 20 - READ and READ A LOT

Growing up my dad used to take me to the public library every couple weeks. We would walk in and instead of being able to sit near all the babysitter club books and get lost in their tales, I was forced to roam each of the aisles and select one history, geography and science book and then once those were selected I was allowed to pick something fun. I would return from those library trips lay the books in my room and stare at them with the evil eye as I held on tightly to my baby sitter club book.

I did end up having to read through all those books, which is likely why I am still such a bookworm to this day. And while I hated my dad then for robbing me of fun reading, I understand why he did it.

Reading is like writing, it is an escape, a chance not just to learn something new, but a chance to get caught up in the fairy tale of the different ways life or things could be. You feel like being rich, you read about money, you feel like being scared, you read a thriller, you feel like improving, you read some self-motivation. There is always something to get lost in, to giggle with and most importantly to curl up with.

But we all know that as busy as we get and as much as our lives are taken over by scrolling through instagram, Facebook and other media sites alike, things like reading just fall through the way side. I am guilty of it. For someone who had been away from social media for so long, joining instagram has created an obsessive habit that I am attempting to break.

So this year as we work to have our best years yet, let's pick some books, lay them by our bedsides and commit to getting lost in something phenomenal everyday even if its just for a few minutes.

I am starting with finishing off - we are all completely beside ourselves and then moving onto Gluten is my bitch. What will you begin with?

- A

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