Sunday, January 25, 2015

Making sure 2015 is your best year yet: Day 23,24,25 - Understanding and visualizing your goals

Okay, so tardy is not even the right word to describe the lateness that is my post writing. But in my defence I have been battling a terrible flu, which has left my ears clogged, my nose leaky as hell and my throat coughing uncontrollably. I swear I am an absolute disaster to be around and should not be visible to either the real or cyber world. However, I am now slightly less contagious and a bit less high on cold medication, which is why I have retreated back to my lap top and to setting the stage for our best year yet.

So when I left you all my cyber friends we had just set our goals for our best year yet. And while setting them is critical, writing them down is never really enough. You need to understand what your goals mean and know them inside out - so much so that they are in your mind at every point of everyday.

So with that comes a two part exercise. The first piece is about going back to your goals and really understanding them and I mean really understanding what they mean for you, your life and how you see the whole thing panning out. You need to be able to visualize the end result, which comes from knowing what your goals mean for you. Once you feel as though you understand your goals you are free to move onto the second part of this exercise.

So then armed with your goals and your vision of them, head to the bathroom or a room where you have a mirror. Stop directly in front of that mirror and repeat your goals out loud while looking yourself in the mirror. Now I know what you all are thinking and doing (i.e. rolling your eyes), but it has to be done. IT NEEDS TO BE DONE. You need to know these goals and you need to believe in them, and by visiting this mirror daily and repeating your goals out loud, you will begin to remember these goals in everything you do and as a result will stay on track, while getting closer to achieving them and your visions for your best year yet... SO YOU WITH ME?

Remember writing down your goals is just the first step  you need to show commitment - understand them, believe in them and believe in your power in achieving them.

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?!?!! Pick up those goals and begin the process.

A recovering runny nose blogger
- A

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