Thursday, January 22, 2015

Making sure 2015 is your best year yet: Day 22 - Goal Setting

In keeping with the theme of writing, it's now time.

We have spent all month reflecting, enjoying and taking in the air of a brand new year. But now after all this time and prior to the start of the next new month, it is time to get our goals in order, so we can plan for what in fact our best year yet will look like.

So keep that notebook and pen out and start writing out your plans, your goals, your visions. What will this year bring? And what area's are you most keen to focus on. AND DON'T BE VAGUE. Wishy washy goals and ideas never got anyone anywhere. So start broad if that is easiest and start asking yourself what that broad statement looks like to you. It will help you brainstorm millions of visions and ideas that will help you make that broad statement so much more specific.

For example - My objective is to do well at work this year (broad statement). Then ask what does well look like? - Getting promoted, excelling on my daily tasks, getting a pay rise, etc. Okay so in the end my objective is to excel in my day to day tasks at work, resulting in a promotion that will further result in higher pay.

Got it!!! And don't be afraid to write things out. I found it so daunting to do last year, especially when I knew some of my goals involved things I was actually terrified of. And looking back after realising them all, I realise that you can not be afraid of what you want, you can not be afraid of the power that you hold to make your dreams happen.

After all, these goals armed with your will and passion will be all you need to make this your best year yet.

So get goal writing already will you!!!!

- A

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