Thursday, January 15, 2015

Making sure 2015 is your best year yet: Day 15 - Love thy SELF

Come on, get up there, you know you can. Stand in front of that glorious mirror in front of you, and look yourself straight in the eye and tell yourself YOU ARE ONE AWESOME HUMAN and DAMN YOU SURE DO LOOK GOOD, and if you are feeling really adventuress give those guns a kiss or two. 


Of course you didn't, well not yet at least. We are all guilty of self loathe, me included. Even when I know I am at my bestest, I will find a way to bring myself down. And it doesn't matter what anyone else says at that point because my mind has already convinced me otherwise. 

BUT NO MORE I SAY NO FREAKIN' MORE. As I dragged myself into the gym this morning I could hear the self loathe in my head and it continued all the way till I finished my morning cardio. But then something happened, as I switched to the weights. I just looked me dead straight in the eye and was like NO MORE, there is too much going on that is positive for any self loathe to be allowed YOU HEAR ME YOU CRAZY WOMAN. Seriously, it was like someone had taken over my brain. And from that point on, anytime something self loath like entered my mind, it was as if my brain took over and said nope you negative thought stop here and instead here is something positive to show you there ain't no place for you in this head of mine. And as the day progressed, the more I realized how right it was for me to just be oozing with positivity. 

I AM HAPPY DAMN IT and LIFE IS REALLY DAMN GOOD :) So I am going to remind myself of that everyday as 2015 continues to ensure I am positively present, happy and aware that I deserve another incredible year. 

Don't you think you do? I THINK YOU DO!!!! So what are you going to do? Duh, you are going to finish this blog and read the top paragraph again, but this time you will ACTUALLY DO THE EXERCISE :)

Remember you are simply amazing and beautiful all you cyber people out there. Here is to giving yourself some daily love. 

- A 

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