Sunday, January 11, 2015

Making sure 2015 is your best year yet: Day 10 - Be child like

I pride myself on being the goofy, silly, random one. I live for child like moments and the silliness that you can get caught up in. 

I mean, don't you have to have a child like self? 

This past Day 10, I spent the day surrounded by children, being absolutely crazy. They were painting with their hands, being silly with their actions and being absolutely 100% care free. As the tagged photographer for the morning, I spent the entire time, looking at things through their eyes and couldn't help but feel grateful for the ability I have to not take everything so seriously all the time and just be able to relax and enjoy things in a way that makes me feel like a child playing with paint, play doh, Lego and whatever else your forte may be. 

WE HAVE TO LOOSEN UP. The older we get, the more responsibility gets thrown at us, thereby leaving us feeling as though we have to get our act together and act adult like. And while I do believe that to a certain extent. I also think we have to have a side to us that let's us laugh in the face of disaster, chaos and stress - that side should be our child like sides, the sides that let us act naive and believe that it will all work out in the end, no matter how big the disaster, problem or whatever else it may be is. 

So what do you say? While I know day 10 is over - I dare you to take out that Lego set you know you have hiding under your bed and spend the last bits of the weekend being a complete and utter child. 


Happy Legoing 
- A

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