Monday, January 5, 2015

Making sure 2015 is your best year yet: Day 4 & 5 - GET ON OUTSIDE!!! and MAKE SURE YOU EXERCISE!!!

Okay, okay I apologize over and over again to the Gods that I have promised my daily blogging to. I am never this tardy when i set a goal, but something about travelling between continents and being pulled from reality for so long has made me overly exhausted and craving nothing more than the comfort of my sweet little comfy bed, with my lap top streaming The Good Wife on repeat (ADDICTED!!!!). But I think after a double post this evening i will find myself ahead of the game and finally back on top of life. 

Let's hope all of you, yes my little cyber friends shall enjoy what I have in store. 

Day 4 - GET ON OUTSIDE!!!!!!! 

I never believed it. But after going through a tough time a few years back, self-help books became my best friends. I was searching for an answer of how to cure my life, if that even makes sense. And along my path I listened to and tried everything you can think of - hey desperate times call for desperate measures, what can you do? Anyhow, in all the hocus pocus I read, a repetitive pattern emerged. No matter what I read there was always something about getting outside in nature at least once a day. And unplugging yourself while you do it. Which means - no people, no phones, no distractions.  

Now i know what you all are thinking - ITS WINTER ARE YOU MAD!!!! And the answer contrary to what some of you may think is that NO I AM NOT MAD. I know it's winter, but that's why all of our favourite stores created such awesome and fashionable winter accessories (and HELLO WINTER SALES!!). So hold up on your excuses, get to the mall, buy some winter protecting gear and then commit to at least a 20 minute walk outside a day. Even if it means going out at lunch and taking an extra 10 to just walk outside. 

I have found that on even the days that have just passed where I feel glued to my bed, getting outside and getting some fresh air change my mood, my health and overall feeling. And while i used to be glued to an iPod or some electronic source blaring music. I have found that a walk with nothing at all, actually allows me to think with out the emotional songs of the past and the future influencing which way my head will go. 


Keeping up with the trend of being active. EXERCISE!!!! I know some of us love it, most of us hate it and no matter what group we fall in, we sometimes equate it as a chore - a must do that will make eating that dairy milk seem okay. 

I don't know. I equate exercise to writing in some ways. Meaning just as writing as a solace, I find exercise the same almost, i find it not therapeutic but empowering. Celebrities always talk about their ultra ego's and I think that's where mine emerges. I can be in the crappiest mood and have been crapped on all day at work or in life, and no matter what I will lace up, get my butt on the treadmill, and my body directly emerged in the weights and will walk out feeling like a serious champion. 

Your body releases such positive endorphins when you exercise, it's hard to not get addicted to that feeling. So commit to it. And don't do it for the weight loss, or for the dairy milk you ate. Do it because it makes you feel good, because that good feeling will be there on your fat and non-fat days. Its consistent and will make you fall in love with the sweat that drips down your face :)

And remember I am not just preaching but also following. Even in recovering sick state I headed both to the gym and for a walk today :) 

SO WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?!!?!? GET OUT THERE and allow these outlets to let you formulate the visions you have for 2015 and how you plan to make it YOUR BEST YEAR YET. 

Promise to try to no longer be tardy,

- A 

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