Sunday, January 11, 2015

Making sure 2015 is your best year yet: Day 11 - LIVE THIS EXACT MOMENT

The premise of this blog started with the idea of trying to stop "running shoe era" kids from chasing the next big thing and instead stopping to enjoy the moment, you know smelling those beautiful roses. 

So with that I feel as though it is imperative in this 31 day mission of setting the stage for our best year yet, that we focus on enjoying not just today, but every single moment that arises in our lives. 

How did you spend this day 11? And did you enjoy every moment of this Sunday Funday?

I SURE DID!!! I spent it laying around all morning, enjoying the comfort of my cozy bed and some awesome TV, followed by a yummy breakfast, a beautiful walk outdoors and some quality time with one of my most favorite people. Every moment, even if it was considered a routine like thing, felt like the only moment that mattered. Not the before, not the after, just the now. 

So what do you have to say for yourself? I am not asking you to stop chasing dreams and rainbows, I am just asking you to stop, breath and enjoy the pathway and all it has to offer. I DARE YOU, just live this exact moment, with out thinking of the next. 

What crazy stuff would you get up to if right now was all that mattered?

- A

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