Monday, January 19, 2015

Making sure 2015 is your best year yet: Day 19 - Devoting time to Learning

It could be possible that somehow I come from a long list of nerds, geeks, bookworms, Point Dexter's and others alike. But regardless of what it is, I don't care, because I LOVE LEARNING. And learning about anything and everything, be it from new cultures, to new ways the economy works. I relish at reading and discussing new things and with each new topic or piece of insight that is squeezed into this brain of mine I am turned into an eager and bright eyed child.

I can imagine what you all are thinking out there, but really learning especially as you get older, is not the same as it was when you were a kid. No one forces you to go home and do homework that they will eventually check. Instead you are given the WORLD and told that it is your OYSTER and so with that you can learn about anything and everything and at your pace with no one telling you that you have to.


And truth be told, before you embark on a path blinded you can LEARN about it and than decide if it is your chosen walkway. So don't you think that before you embark on your best year yet, you take some time to learn?!?!??!

I sure think so - so, what will it be? A new language, a new culture, a new technical area, a new food?? Pick one, two or a million new areas and just LEARN your way through your best year yet.

- A

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