Monday, January 19, 2015

Making sure 2015 is your best year yet: Day 17 and 18 - Time to reflect

Before we can really move forward, we do need to stop and just take in all that is happened, assess what we wished went different and think about how we build on how far we have come.

Time is what you need to reflect, the right kind of time. And while we may do some of our best reflection on the treadmill or our walk home, sometimes you just need to lay there on your bed like a starfish and stare up at the ceiling and think for hours on end.

I will admit, I did not spend the weekend laying like a starfish, things are just way to maniac at the moment. But what I did do was spend time with people that reflect the pathway I am headed on personally, asking millions of questions and observing. And at the end of a very long and maniac weekend, I retreated to the comfort of my bed and lay like a starfish taking it and all of 2014 in. Which was incredibly overwhelming but had to be done to ensure I am easing my way into what I know is now to come.

So in my tardiness of blog posting, I advise you all TO STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Well okay, don't lay out like a starfish at work, but spend some time today, whether its first thing in the morning or this evening and just reflect in that position that is so comfortable that getting up is nearly impossible.

Remember we have to first slow down before we speed up and fly right into our best year's yet.

- A

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