Saturday, January 3, 2015

Making sure 2015 is your best year yet: Day 3 - SLLLLLLEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPP

I totally used to be one of those - you know the person that goes out till all hours of the night and then sets the alarm even in the most ridicules of states for something like 8AM on a Saturday or Sunday. I was in a constant state of tiredness and all because I felt the need to seize the day and not waste a second that I had doing anything completely irrelevant like sleep. 

I thought weekends were to do fun stuff and sleep was never on my list. But after moving to London and clearing my schedule so to speak, I realized just how good it felt to just let the idea of setting the alarm go and instead just sleep for as long as my mind, body and soul said I needed to. I mean i knew the grocery store would be open when I needed it, and there were yoga and gym classes galore that could be taken at all hours and most importantly I knew that the majority of my London clan adored sleep as much as I have learnt to, so I knew there wouldn't be much to miss out on. 

And with that, my love of sleep was found. 

The idea now of snuggling into my massive duvet and getting lost in my pillows as I dream things away is something i crave all week, after all it is something i desperately need after a long week of life. Hell even during the week I find that to make it through the day with my 530am wake up calls, getting into bed early is a must, even if I am going to bed at the same time as some 7 year olds. 

Sleep and rest have allowed me to live with a clearer mind, be more alert, aware and focused on anything I do in the hours that I am awake. My productivity has sky rocketed, which means I have more hours in a day TO DO THE THINGS I LOVE. 

So WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!! Do not pass go, do not move forward, just get into bed, cuddle into those covers and SLEEEEEEEEEEPPPPP till your heart's content. 

Happy dreaming, sleeping and hopefully not snoring. 

Til tomorrow, 

- A 

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