Sunday, December 16, 2012

We're higher then a BEEEEEP...What's your Soundtrack?

As I left one of the yummiest dinners ever last night, I knew I had a long walk home, which didn't seem all that bad, until the freezing rain pellets started coming down a bit harder and the wind just seemed to get stronger. Regardless, I was determined to walk off all that food!! So I popped  my head phones into my ears and blasted one of my newest and MOST FAVORITEST play lists on 8track  - I'm dancing with myself. And suddenly it was as if the those freezing rain pellets poking me in the face and the wind that was blowing me in every direction didn't matter. I was lost in a musical trance of some of the happiest music and if anything I was probably beginning to use the wind and rain pellets as props to my back-up dance that I was making up in my head. You know a little bit of the roger rabbit, a side step, followed by a blow in the wind and a poke by an ice pellet. LOL.

No matter how ridiculous i could have looked as I walked home, I knew there was this extra hop in my step and swing in my arms because the music was putting me in the bestest mood ever. Have you ever noticed how music can do that? It can make you giggle out loud, throw yourself into dance moves you never thought you could do and sing out loud no matter what the lyrics are or the sound of your voice is. It also opens you up to seeing things in a completely different light. I mean, no matter how bad the weather was last night I didn't seem to notice or care. Instead I found myself smiling at how beautiful the city looked at night, the random couples I saw walking hand in hand, the friends that were wasted out of their minds and giggling uncontrollably, the Christmas lights and colors that washed over the city and the wind that was blowing me from left to right so hard that I was giggling at the thought of falling face flat (how typical of me!). And as I got into my apartment, I didn't want those feelings to end. I found myself blasting the music on my TV and dancing around from room to room, finally crashing into the deepest slumber ever with a smile on my face.

How I thought waking up this morning is it possible for music to have that affect? And isn't it that wonderful that we have free therapy at our fingertips? I mean, no matter what your mood or thoughts are of a given situation, just pop in a happy song or song that reminds you of something amazing and its like all that bad stuff in your head - the worries, the anxiety, the pressure, the stress - just go away and seem so much more manageable, workable and worth it.

So on this wonderful Sunday, when the rain and clouds outside could have you down and depressed, I challenge you all to pick your favorite play list, song, band, whatever it may be (maybe even a combination of them all) and blast it to your hearts desire. And allow yourself the ability to think positive, be happy and to follow your heart :)

I know I will be :) So for all of you in the downtown King West Area if you hear a tone defed version of Nikki Manaj's Starships, you know where its coming from :)

Starships were meant to fly, Hands up, and touch the sky, Can't stop, 'cause we're so high, Let's do this one more time, Starships were meant to fly, Hands up, and touch the sky, Let's do this one last time, Can't stop.....We're higher than a motherf-ck-r....ANNNNND CUE CRAZZZZY DANCE, LOL.

Dancing my way out of this blog post y'all, til next time :)

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