Sunday, December 23, 2012

BESTTTIEESSSSSSSSSSSS & Everything in betweeeeeeeeeeen!!!!

So officially doomsday has passed and the world continues :) Hope you all did your lists and are enjoying your second chance at life!!!! It was hilarious to read about the end of the world and we are saved parties, and regardless of how ridiculous these seemed, i think everyone had the right concept to be enjoying life and simply living in what could be our last or first few moments of life.  

And as much as I wanted to take part in the shenanigans of these parties just so I could simply report on them, this massive annoying flu bug had me completely sacked. In fact after arriving back in Toronto, I spent the wee hours of doomsday in the ER. NOW DON'T, I am okay. But this intense flu bug that is upon us this season does weird things to you, believe you me I have come to live it. And after being ordered to have some solid bed rest, I have emerged somewhat back to life thankfully, full of even more wisdom than before of course.

So as I lay in the my very own room and stretcher in the ER, I was slumbering with one of my besties. While the location wasn't ideal, it felt as though we were 10 years old and in my parents basement with a flashlight under the covers telling stories.  Remember those days?!? The days of childhood sleepovers and late night conversations and games of truth or dare??!  I mean I know you all can admit that you still have them - whether we are playing video or board games or watching a million episodes of some TV show we have grown obsessed with or are trading war stories from the day, our childhood or dreams of our future - it's inevitable that we will continue to live these moments. And why shouldn't we?

I mean in the midst of a situation that seemed completely scary to me in the inside,  it was pretty awesome to know that in all the intenseness that was going on around me, I could really just forget about it all and get lost in being a child and be comfortable with admitting my worries, fears and insecurities and still have a giggle or too with one of  my besties. Life doesn't get any better than moments like these. Wouldn't you agree?

I mean who doesn't want to be surrounded by people that let us be as silly, goofy and annoying as we want be, laugh so hard that our tummies hurt, hold our hands while we go through wild and crazy experiences and still let us have those quite moments where we can actually talk about the things we have been holding onto inside with out feeling like we will be judged by how crazy, abnormal or weird our thoughts and ideas are. These are the best kinds of people - BEST FRIENDS, or as I like to call them BESTIES.

And the best part about them. Is that no matter how much time goes by with out being able to see or talk to them. The minute you come face to face or ear to ear over the phone, it's as though nothing has changed. The fights, the distance, the overwhelming life events and the everything in between that could separate you, disappear, as you are overwhelmed with how happy you feel to be around someone that accepts you as you and that knows what you are saying or thinking with out having to utter a word.

The idea of these people, friendships and relationships in our lives are so amazing. And I know I have talked a lot about living in the moment and all that hoopla. But I think the one thing that me and my bestie learnt as we were slumbering in my stretcher in the ER, listening to all the conversations around us,  was that LIFE IS SHORT, SHORTER THAN WE THINK. And it's not about embracing the moment and living crazy, it's about embracing the moment by recognizing everything that surrounds us and understanding that while it could get better, often times what we have around us is already pretty damn amazing.

So this holiday season, I ask all you running shoe kids out there to take a moment out from running and really just think about all your weird and annoying habits, traits and interests, your insecurities and fears and your crazy life experiences to date and then think about the people that accept and love you for it all. These are the special ones in your life, the ones that through good and bad, you will get to be silly, goofy, happy and giggly with.

And with that I return to following doctor's orders :)

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