Thursday, December 20, 2012

JUST IN CASEEEEEEEE.....The World Ends!!!!

So it's official, the end of the world is near - NEARER THAN WE THINK!!! Yes, that's right!! As mentioned in a previous post the end of the world according to the Mayan Calendar is tomorrow - DECEMBER 21, 2012 - which means upon us is what could be our LAST 24 HOURS on Earth. And while, I will likely spend my last 24 hours, wrapped up in a billion blankets, surrounded by millions of medications, trying to peer out at my TV as I attempt to recover from what could be the worst flu bug I have ever been hit with, I wish you all an amazing last potentially 24 hours on earth!

With that in mind, I thought it was imperative that I least leave you all with a  post in case I never get to write again. And well, if the world doesn't end than you all in cyberspace will have the blessed opportunity to continue reading  my babble :)

So with that, I continue onto my post, which I thought would be best dedicated to reflecting on my 30 years of existence in the form of my TOP 10 SO GLAD I GOT TO DO OR EXPERIENCE THAT LIST, followed by a IF THE WORLD DOESN'T END, MY TOP 5 THINGS TO MAKE SURE I DO IN MY SECOND CHANCE AT LIFE :) So here we go - please note that none of this is in any sort of sequence, my brain is too filled with fluids to  think that logically right now, lol.


1. So glad, I got to be born :) I know that sounds almost weird, but arriving 2.5 months earlier than expected, my father was presented with the challenging decision of whether to save his wife or unborn child. Luckily we all know how this worked out, we both survived and 30 years later I am still left with that feeling of knowing I WAS MEANT TO BE HERE FOR  REASON, not quite sure what that is yet….BUT I KNOW I WAS MEANT TO BE HERE!

2. So glad I got to live through the 80's as a youth. So while I got to indulge in the music that still makes me want to break out into the running man and roger rabbit, at least I didn't have to suffer through the ridiculously weird fashions like frizzy perms and acid wash jean jackets (although I am sure I owned one at some point), at this age I was lucky enough to be have my mom dress me in all of kmart's finest fashions, lol.

3. So glad, as ironic as this sounds to have been a fatty teenager, that had absolutely no sex appeal to the male sex. It not only made me be the bookworm that I am at heart, but also allowed me to go through the experimenting stages of weird bangs, perms, bright makeup and clothes that make me think I must have been on drugs to have ever liked them. And now because of all that I am the confident 30 year old I always wanted to be, with the short hair I always wanted but was afraid to have and a big butt that looks pretty wicked in my skinny jeans that I have come to love and embrace.

4. So glad that I got to embrace my inner dare devil and challenge myself to do things on my own that I never thought I could do - such as learning how to surf by conquering those blustering waves that were taller than me, white water rafting the crocodile infested waters of the Nile River and driving up the up the Californian coast all by my lonesome.

5. So glad that I have gotten to experience many people's firsts with them. And before you get any idea's WHAT I MEAN is being able to experience things you have seen or done before with someone who hasn't. It's beautiful  to watch the enthusiasm on someone's face when they look down on the glass floor of the CN Tower for the first time or see the inside of top shop on oxford street or have their first ever lick of an ice cream cone.  It makes you remember your inner child and really smile from inside out.

6. So glad I've gotten to surround myself with the BESTEST FRIENDS EVER. No matter what ups, downs and sideways bends I have had along the way, the past bit has really made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have the bestest, healthiest and most honest friendships ever.

7. So glad I've gotten to be a teacher. Whether it has been to my amazing African or CA or high school students, being a teacher has allowed me to live such happy and proud moments through the eyes of my students and taught me the importance and value of patience. It's also made me have unwavering faith in people, their words and their dreams.  

8. So glad I have had the chance to experience love. Whether it has been through relationships, friendships or family. It is one beautiful feeling that can fill your heart with more warmth then you ever imagined, while giving you the ability to really see and believe the best in people. Scarey at times, but so beautiful and worth it.

9. So glad I have gotten to live out some of my childhood dreams (I'm only 30 remember, there is still way too much I want to do!!). Whether it was to travel the world or to represent a class full of amazing like-minded individuals who had struggled just as much as I did to succeed, I am fortunate to have never given up and believed in what I wanted.

10. AND NUMBER 10....Which should have been number 1 in retrospect. But I AM SO GLAD, that I have been born into the most amazing family ever. Good, bad, ugly, annoying, you name it, I wouldn't rather any others :)

And now onto my next list (promise it will be short!)


1. Continue to surf the biggest waves, raft even bigger rapids and possibly climb a mountain or two.

2. Continue to live out my childhood dreams no matter how big, fierce or unattainable they may seem.

3. Experience new worlds, sites, tastes and sounds. And it may seem pretty broad but why limit yourself to choices of 1-3 things when you can be open to trying anything and everything with the people that cross your life.

4. Return to doing more work that means more to the world, than process maps, consulting speak and number crunching.

5. EMBRACE EVERY MOMENT THAT I HAVE. And maybe, I've just done that by putting this all out in cyberspace, pretty ballsy i know. BUT I MEAN IT. No more living in fear of the unknown, of not being sure or of negativity repeating itself. I want to live life like a naive child - brave, excited, full of hope and ready to lay it all the line no matter what happens.

So as I sign-off and get ready to drink my bottle of Benylin in hopes that it will knock me out on my flight home and allow me to have nice dreams of the life I have had and the life that I will have, I challenge you all to do your own lists of what you will do with your second chance of life. Take out some markers, crayons and funky pens and have fun with your list and when you are done, post it high up on a wall where you can look at it everyday and be reminded that you are still here, so it's never too late.  

Until our second chance at life begins!

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