Tuesday, December 18, 2012

HEYYYYY YOUUUUU!!!!!!!! Whattt are you doing at THIS EXACT MOMENT?!?!?!

Now imagine this. A dark room, lit up only by candles and tiny tea lights. The room is slightly heated and the energy that fills the room is the kind that makes you feel like you could do or be anything you wanted. The music that's blaring through out makes you want to dance around like no one is watching and really just live out those backup dancer dreams (come on - you know we all wish we could!). And while you are immersed in dreams of having it all, you look straight ahead and into one of the most powerful phrases that I have come to know and love. "The Power of ONE".
So where am I you ask? Well I am out experiencing my latest obsession. Spinning and no this is not like any spinning class or studio you have been to, trust me. This class combines all the encouragement, positivity and enlightenment of a yoga class with the crazy, adrenalin pumping, motivating feeling of a spinning class. It's really the best thing ever. I mean, I am by no means a Lance Armstrong want to be and have no desire to have a crazy sore ass from sitting on an uncomfortable bike seat, but quite frankly these classes are so contagious, I can't help but suck it all up and pretend that I want to be the next Tour De France Winner. Not to mention the fact that biking is doing wonders for my butts, lol.

Anyhow, Last night as I got into the studio and onto the bike (front row centre, teachers pet of course!), the MUSIC WAS SO AMAZING. Seriously as the tracks moved from the Black Keys, to Kanye West, to Neyo, to the Black Eyed Peas, to some crazy trance like house stuff I happened to fall in love with I couldn't help but want to unclip my spinning shoes and dance like a crazy woman all across the room. You know arms waving, butt shaking and tonnes of fancy feet movement in between all the bikes. And while I'm sure the locals would have appreciated a colored person with some rhythm I figured it would be best if I channelled my positive, happy energy and good vibes into other more important things.

Which of course got me thinking :) And no not thinking of a billion questions to make you all in cyberspace think. But it got me thinking of this thing I most recently came across called the "Enlightenment Movement" - http://www.sexyfoodtherapy.com/enlighten/. The video is under  3.5 minutes, so JUST WATCH IT! The concept is genius - combing physical activity with paying it forward.

Now, for most of you that know me, you know that i am addicted to physical fitness and eating healthy, mainly because as a former fatty, I vowed at the age of 17/18 that my adulthood would never be filled with low self esteem and confidence issues. It's the reason i am obsessed with the Clinton Foundation's Healthier Generation's Initiative and it's also why this Enlightenment Movement has gotten me so pumped! I mean who would have thought!! For every minute, hour, day that you spend committed to your physical health you could benefit other's out there! So think about it!!!

And no I am not asking you all to buy into this package - but rather I am asking you to think in general about paying it forward, especially during the holiday season. Think about all the selfish things we all do to make ourselves happy, and then think about the things we could do to spread a bit of that happiness to others. You could do a million things - donate food, lend a friend a hand, serve food, hand out flowers, give hugs, ANYTHING - but why wait for the ABSOLUTE NEED?!?!? JUST DO IT. I mean take the Connecticut massacre for example, at any given time anything could happen and bam your chances are gone, so why wait? Why spend endless hours pondering what you could eventually do, when you could do it now and LITERALLY EMBRACE THE MOMENT, rather than lose the moments and let them pass you by.

No matter what it is - I challenge you all to pay it forward and be reminded of just how lucky you are to be surrounded by the love, support, people and things around you, even if today at this moment you are questioning, resenting and hating everything. JUST TAKE A DEEP BREATH, BREATH IN POSITIVITY, FAITH AND BELIEF AND GOOOOO!!!!!! 

And on that note I sign off, Wishing you all nothing but the strength to REALLY EMBRACE THIS EXACT MOMENT.

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