Saturday, December 8, 2012

Welcome to The Running Shoe Diaries

"The Running Shoe Diaries" is a concept that I came up with almost two years ago, while on one of my morning runs, while visiting my sister in the UK. At that moment, I knew that I loved the way the concept sounded, but wasn't really sure what it meant. Then months later, I pondered this concept with friends and loved ones and still had thoughts on what it meant, but no clarity on what it really meant for me. But then while, reading an article not to long ago, the idea of the running shoe era emerged. The era represents us 25 -35 year olds (and yes I fall in this range!!), who are so full of interests, aspirations and life, that we tend to spend most of or lives really running from one place to the next. We are obsessed with the idea of doing it all and ensuring that every minute that we spend in our days is full of life and some interesting story to tell. We are almost afraid to slow down and watch life actually unfold. I guess in reality, we are afraid to become "old, boring and mundane".

And with that, I realized that "The Running Shoe Diaries" was a perfect title for my blog. And not because I am a certified and trained runner, but because being a part of this era I am guilty of that same obsession. While my day job keeps me locked into the corporate world, there is a hunger and thirst inside me to live beyond these concrete walls. I am full of interests in fashion, music and art, but also in current events, new and exciting companies/ideas and of course challenging the status quo. Beyond all this I am like anyone in this era addicted to trying and facing new challenges, maintaining my social status and at the end of it all coming home to someone I truly love. In essence, like most in this era I want it all.

Most days I find it a challenge to fit anything in aside from work, but have come to realize in the passing months that life is to short to waste it being dedicated to the money man itself. I also realize that life is to short, to waste it looking for perfection - whether it be the perfect job, relationship, friends, food, etc - because the truth is that everything takes a bit of time, hard work and dedication which are things everyone in our era know about.

And so while I continue on my journey as being a part of this era, I realize that there is a huge part of me that wants to take a step back and really enjoy and savor the moments that really matter, the moments that most take for granted. I don't want to get lost in every day chaos and forget about all the little things that matter - you know things like someone holding the door open for you, a home cooked meal by someone you love when you have had a busy day, a simple note that says your awesome or I love you,  a call from a long lost friend, and the list continues to grow. And while, i head on this journey I invite all of you out there in cyberspace to join in. Whether its through reading and commenting on posts, emailing me with new ideas and thoughts or simply starting a blog on your own, I invite you to join in, have a read and take a moment to breath and enjoy being where you are today and at this exact moment.

I can't guarantee that I will only talk about one topic or another, but I can promise that there will never be a dull post :) 

Here's to the beginning of an amazing blogging relationship.

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