Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Attention - The World is Ending!!!! Will a Spaceship really SAVE US?

So I promised myself that I would take a night off from writing, however as I walked into an appointment this evening and over heard two people talking about the end of the world coming, I was compelled to come rushing home to my lap top. It's times like this I wish I had a cute little apartment in New York City and my own personalized blogging lap top, like Carey's from Sex and the City. Oh the life I could lead, writing about anything and everything all day long and going out on fancy lunches that were "research assignments". In a perfect world I suppose.  

Okay, okay sorry, back to the topic at hand - The end of the World (I need some sort of an instrumental piece to follow this statement, if only I could transfer the sound in my head into words...if only, lol). So the premise of the conversation I overheard was of course the Mayan Calendar, which logically made me think back to the movie 2012. I remember seeing that movie a few days after returning from my volunteer teaching assignment in Uganda and walked out of the theatre thinking that I should have stayed in Africa, that's the only way I am bound to be saved. Well, I think it may be a bit too late to book a ticket to some African country, considering all the shots and meds I would have to get and take, so does that mean I am doomed? I mean I didn't pay for some VIP spot on the spaceship that will save me, but according to the online sites I read on, it isn't too late to rob a bank so I can secure a spot. SERIOUSLY. If this all really happens, then at least I will have this blog post to slap me in the face like karma, but REALLY, who ACTUALLY BELIEVES that some giant spaceship will save us from the world ending? And if there is/was such a thing, I'm pretty sure there are a whole lot of a-list celebrities that are way ahead of me. Can you imagine being in that line and walking up to Kanye West and being like, "Excuse me, think I'm in front." I'm pretty sure whatever he did with Taylor Swift would be two fold on my ass and i would most definitely not be getting on that spaceship anymore.

So I guess, what I am saying is that I am accepting, that the world may end in a short while, and well as a result of it I may no longer be. And no, I am not turning this into a morbid post, but merely accepting a reality that could turn out to be true. So you all know where I am going with this now. If the world were to come to a screeching hault tomorrow and you knew that, how would you spend your last day on earth? I know everyone is thinking safe and securely with my loved ones, which is a sound logical answer, but I am being serious. HOW WOULD YOU SPEND THAT DAY? WHAT WOULD YOU EAT? WHAT WOULD YOU LISTEN TO? WHAT WOULD YOU READ? WHERE WOULD YOU BE? AND WHO WOULD YOU BE SURROUNDED BY? I'm talking about a full 24 hours to really live before it all ends. What would you do? You all have to have some idea, no?
I think I have some idea's. I would most definitely eat all the gluten and dairy I could get my hands on, even though I would spend my last day living with painful stomach aches!! And this list of food would have to include the greasiest pizza and largest ice cream cone EVER!!! I would most definitely kick off the day, with a yoga class, to ensure I am as close to being reincarnated as something amazing, post death as opposed to coming back as something I just wouldn't want to be! I would definitely spend some time cuddled in a blanket, watching re-runs of any of my new favorite TV shows with my favorites. I am pretty sure I would attempt something I have always wanted to do, but been to scared - like jump out of a plane or do the 360 walk on the CN Tower. I would make sure I laughed so hard that my tummy hurt. I would skype with all the people that were too far away to hug. I would go get the biggest and bestest hug ever from who I love most. I would probably learn some new board game, talk smack and then lose to everyone who actually understood how to play the game.  And of course I would spend time with the ones I love most dancing and singing out loud and being as silly as can be.

I know my list has a lot - but really its a WHOLE 24 HOURS!!! There is soo much you could do!!! And with that I turn to you all out there and ask HOW WOULD YOU SPEND YOUR LAST DAY?

And as you ponder your response, I sign off with asking you all another question. Consider your responses to how you would spend your last day and all it's various components and now look at your lives and ask yourself if you are doing any of the things you would do on your last day now. I bet a lot of you would say no. And so I ask WHY? Why would you wait to spend your life the way you want to, doing the things you love, with the people you love most until there was a drastic reason to really snap out of your life? Wouldn't it just make sense to step back, assess and dive in?

Just a thought you know, from your favorite lady blogger :) Happy last few days of living.

Til we meet again.

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