Monday, January 21, 2013

To LIFE'S UNEXPECTED events that leave us feeling as awake as an ICE BATH WOULD...

And suddenly it's Monday all over again. Where those precise 48 hours called the weekend go no one really knows, all I can say is from the moment you scream "WOOOT!!! ITS FRIDAY!!!" it seems only like a blink of an eye before we are all graced with the Sunday blues, realizing that another work week is upon us. None the less, I have started off this week with a spunk in my step either because of the exhilarating run I finally went on after a two month hiatus or because of the inspirational presidential inauguration stuff that  I drowned myself in all day.  This week I feel WILL BE GREAT :)

Now with that being said, I am not about to take a morbid turn with this post, but I do have a rather somber story to share, one that will likely take you all by surprise, but that will hopefully leave you all feeling inspired to make changes in your life. 

And so the story begins. Today as I reminisced with a great friend of mine, I was asked if I had heard the news about an ex-colleague, one that at a moment in time I had hung out with quite a bit but in the chaos of life had lost touch with. So my obvious reply was no, last I heard was that she recently moved to New York City over the holidays to set up shop with the love of her life. I was correct with what I thought, but the latest update that was not. 

So upon arriving in New York to set up shop with the love of her life, this young 30 year old beautiful woman full of so much excitement began the process of settling in. In the mix of doing all the regular settling in stuff, she decided it would be good to find a family doctor. Very quickly she found one, made an appointment and began the process of just getting a routine check up. On this check up she complained of recent memory loss and head aches, things she attributed to the stress of moving, however the doctor thought it would be best to check things out. Well, thank God for that. Within 24 hours this young, hopeful 30 year old female was informed that she had stage 4 brain cancer. 

Now, I will pause before I continue, mainly because i get choked up thinking about it. But also because I wonder if you all think the way the i do, which is - THIS STUFF NEVER HAPPENS TO PEOPLE I KNOW, THESE ARE THE KINDS OF THINGS YOU READ ABOUT IN THE NEWS OR HEAR ABOUT THROUGH FRIENDS OF FRIENDS. And while, this wonderful and inspirational female is not my bff, she is someone that has graced my life and the lives of many of my closest friends. She is also my age and much like me a vibrant, positive, happy female full of hope for the future and the next stages of life. So HOW I ASK, HOW COULD THIS EVEN BE POSSIBLE? HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO SOMEONE SO AMAZING? AND WHY AT THE AGE OF 30, AM I ALONG WITH MANY OF MY FRIENDS STRICKEN WITH THE  WORRY OF LIFE BEING OVER TOO SOON. I mean i know we all recently joked about the world coming to an end thanks to the Mayan calendar, but that concept of embracing life seemed so different than what it felt like today when I was told this story. I mean hearing all this really started to ring truth behind all those phrases like "hold onto the ones and things you love", "live each moment as if it were your last", "never go to bed angry" and so on. It made me think and question the current state of my life and what in it was worth it and what just didn't seem to matter anymore. It also made me sit back and wonder if all the people that mattered to me, really knew how I felt and if something were to happen to them or I tomorrow would we exit knowing how true the feelings, thoughts and emotions were. And I know that I believe inside that there is time to close up loose ends and say the things I need to say to those I love, but the reality is this story rings truth behind the idea of - YOU JUST NEVER KNOW. So yes, it is clear to assume that hearing this story today, made for the type of day that leaves you thinking and analyzing the current life you lead.

Now with all this being shared, I would like to report that this amazingly inspirational female has undergone the necessary surgery to have the cancer removed. And while her future is looking brighter, her fight is far from over. This will be a one day at a time type of battle, but one she will never have to face alone thanks to the amazing support she has around her. 

So you see, there is a positive twist to this. One that leaves you feeling almost lucky to be alive, but also full of wonder of what really matters. I know I rant a lot about embracing and living in the moment and I truly stick by my words, I just hope you all use this story as a chance to reflect on the important and little things in life that matter to you. Along with the people that have touched your heart, made you smile and laugh, brought you to higher places and really showed you the meaning of true friendship, love and/or family. 

And with that I dedicate this post to one amazingly inspirational female, while sending out all the positive vibes I can. 

Thank you to everyone who has held my hand, made me smile and laugh inside and out, given me an amazing hug, helped me understand the things that have mattered and really just helped me embrace life. I LOVE YOUUUUUUU and all the things you all have done for me :) 

Happy Work Week ahead :)

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