Sunday, January 13, 2013


First of all I want to start off by saying, JUST HOW EXCITED I AM to be writing this post, from my very new and amazing lap top :) Succumbing to my point hoarding ways, never felt soo good!!!! I am in complete aww of my brand new baby that is completely equipped with its very own special edition Marc Jacobs casing. That's RIGHT, momma got her baby some designer clothes, before she got some for herself :( sigh, I guess this is the price I pay for being a slave to my writing equipment :)

Anyhow, getting to this post and the topic at hand, I KNOW WHAT YOU ALL ARE THINKING - "This song is about 3-5 months too old, for me to be dedicating a post to it". And while I agree in some regard, I would argue that we would all be in denial if we didn't admit that every time we heard this very song the larger part of us begin immediately bopping our heads and screaming out the chorus.  COME ON NOW - DON'T YOU LIE TO ME, YOURSELF AND ALL THOSE OUT IN CYBERSPACE. 

My new obsession with this song stems from images i now have of my Punjabi cowboy family screaming out the chorus as they dance in ways I think none of them thought they could. I mean imagine it - aunties, uncles, older cousins and younger nieces and nephews all clothed in the latest Indian fashions, foreheads graced by bindi's and heads and arms covered in multi coloured turbans and bangles, as they all scream and shout some crazy Korean dance song and attempt to imitate the oh so famous dance moves. I'm pretty sure I witnessed muscles being pulled and asthma attacks almost being head and in the chaos of it all I'm positive I got bopped in the forehead and stepped on umpteen times. Cuts, bruises, ripped Indian clothes, LOL, all worth it in the name of PSY. I mean I am pretty sure i have woke up a billion times this past week, giggling of images of the chaos this song ensued in a room of over 1000 Indians all screaming out the lyrics with their multi-version Indian accents. 

So with this experience under my belt, I am now 10000% confident with saying that PSY may turn out to be a 1 hit wonder for this song, but he has definitely ensued a phenomenon that is quite amazingly infectious.  Now my rant is WHY THE HELL DIDN'T I THINK OF IT?!?? Or my even bigger one is WHY THE HELL DIDN'T SOME CRAZY PUNJABI GUY THINK OF IT AND RELEASE THE DAMN SONG!!! 

I mean I know PSY has some moves, but seriously, Bhangra moves are soooooo much easier to pick up, a better cardio work out and definitely more fun!!!!! I can even imagine the music video having references to our famous dance moves such as the light bulb, towel and sweeping the floor. SO COME ON YOU MUSICAL PUNJABI'S GET ON IT!!!!!!! I am tired of these 1 hit wonders in other languages coming out! I actually want to be able to say the words and know what the hell I am saying or least be able to fake it by turning on my Indian accent and blending in, LOL. So many other cultures have jumped on this bandwagon and I think its about time we jumped on, wouldn't you say so????? INDIANS, OUR ACCENTS, AND OUR DANCE MOVES DESERVE A CHANCE AT BEING A MUSICAL PHENOMENON THAT SWEEPS THE NATION :) I am not attempting to be a hater on those that have perfected this 1 hit wonder business, but am definitely promoting that us Indians also deserve a chance at this popularity. 

And with that I am gangnam styling my way out this post and wishing you all a week full of a lot of head bopping, chorus screaming and good old fashion bootay shaking. 

Til next time :)

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