Monday, January 7, 2013

HEY HEY!!! YOU OUT THERE!!! What is your Value Proposition?

I'm starting off this post by thanking a very good friend that had the ability to take my post on being fearless and throw it in my face when I sat in my cute little apartment contemplating what to do with my life late last week. Thanks to that very slap, I lived one of the best experiences of my life, which included booking a plane ticket and flying out of a completely different city in under 12 hours, setting off an alarm, making some unlikely friends, bonding with some of the best of the best in my life, buying one of the most amazing dresses I have ever owned, dancing my face off, laughing so hard that my stomach hurt and standing up to a ticketing agent with unevenly died red hair that deserved more then a few of my choice words. None the less, I have returned to life and am recovering from a lack of sleep, but am full of happiness based on the decision that I was forced into making :) And I promise you there is a thread that binds this experience with this post!!!

So as I lived the gong show that was this weekend, I had the joy of listening to a few speeches one of which came from a very cute old man. In this speech he talked about how everyone in the room at that time, had come together for a reason and that we were all special in our own unique way hence creating the experience that everyone was having. And while I got what he was saying it wasn't until I finished the Monk who Sold his Ferrari on my flight home that I started to think about what he was saying. I mean we all know we are "special" i.e different, wacky, weird, lol. But what is it exactly about us that keeps the people around us, around.

I think the one thing i have always struggled with is understanding the value/uniqueness/flare that I bring to the world and to those around me. And I get that we don't have to necessarily be doing something for someone all the time to bring value, so really then its about understanding what in consulting speak is known as our value proposition. And not for an application or a job or interview, but rather for life in general. Its about being able to answer the questions about WHO THE HELL WE ARE and WHAT MAKES US SOO SPECIAL and SO PERFECTLY IMPERFECT? And of course since I had a VERY LATE AND LONG ASSS DRIVE HOME! I had the chance to really let this simmer and in the wee hours of the morning really come to terms with my value proposition and the one thing I value most about the people around me.

You see, I'm a listener. And yes I know I am also a witty, goofy, know it all talker, but that isn't what defines me. Instead what defines me is the fact that I listen to everything that is said and unsaid. I pick up on all the little things and things that go unnoticed and am always the first to ask - if you are okay, if you need to talk or if you need to just share something stupid, funny or crazy ass exciting. But this innate quality is what drives home my value proposition - My ability to really get the little things in life. I'll never be the one that buys an expensive gift or sends flowers or does anything extravagant. But I will be the one to bring you your favorite chocolate, show up with a cupcake, organize events, be that ear that you need in good and bad times, draw you a picture or make you a scrap book or really just get the goofiest thing I can to make you laugh. This is me - Arti Kashyap, Value Proposition: God of the little things in life. LOL, i can't think of a better non-cheesy phrase, it is late and I am working on little sleep, so work with me people. Anyhow regardless of what makes me special, I can tell you that the value proposition for those in my life are their imperfections. I love that the people I surround myself with are full of insecurities, weaknesses, fears and weird quarks. It inspires me to embrace my imperfections and really understand that we are all a work in progress. I never expect perfection from anyone as a result and value that those around me understand that i too am perfectly imperfect.

So with that I leave you all, with the big question: What's your value proposition? What is that uniqueness that you bring to the table? And what is it that you value most about those in your life?

Til we meeet again :)

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