Thursday, January 10, 2013

HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, HELLLLOOO?!?!?!? OH, it's going to be one of those days isn't ?!?!?

Ever had one of those days, when you wake up and face the world and everything seems to set you off? You know when someone says "Hello, HIIIIIIII, Love You, How are you" or basically anything alike and all you can think of saying in response is a nice and pleasant F*** OFF. Don't act like y'all don't know what I am talking about! It's those days when everyone is a serious a**hole or b****h, even if they did absolutely nothing to you and/or did everything right instead.

And no, I am not having one of those days, God I don't even know where this profanity is coming from since I am in a sincere Zen state after mokshaing my way to a blissful evening. But today, I did get thinking about this very idea, after having a call with someone at work who basically spilled the beans on a personal situation affecting a colleague. Now in all seriousness, it isn't someone who I particularly favor, however hearing about their situation, made me immediately think of some of the reactions they had displayed recently and it made me realize why they were reacting the way they were. And in a matter of seconds, I felt sympathetic to what they were going through. All and every single one of my thoughts moved from complete annoyance to wanting to pick up the phone and ask how they were or run to them and give them a hug. And it's not pity, because I do not play the pity game, it was a genuine feeling of  "oh man I wish I knew and hadn't been such an A**HOLE back!!!"

Now I am not saying that it is okay to treat people like complete ASS when you are going through a hard time or dealing with something personal, ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY COULD HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS EVEN GOING ON INSIDE YOUR MIND!!! I mean I think of the poor Toyota Repair man that had to deal with me while in my stressed GMAT studying state and I want to send him flowers or punch myself in the face....okay wait I do not want to punch my beautiful face, lol, but a bitch slap perhaps would do. The point is, HE HAD NO CLUE, why I was being so incredibly difficult, when inside my head all I could do was count down the time that I was losing out on studying while he talked me into circles.

So no, I don't agree that it is okay to treat people poorly when you are going through stuff. But I do NOT agree that we should have to walk around with a sign posted on our heads that says something along the lines of:

" Hi my name is Arti, and today I am dealing with (insert list here) and will as a result likely be a complete and utter B****H to you. Therefore it is best that you either steer clear or be understanding of my weird behaviour, THANK YOU :)"

Therefore, I do agree that we all deserve a grace period. I mean don't y'all be reading this post thinking you ain't ever done a single douche bag thing in your life. And yes that is me personally pointing my finger at you. Think about the nice gestures you let go unnoticed - you know emails, texts, calls or cute little notes - or the tim horton's staff you were rude to or anything alike on your bad days, WE HAVE ALL DONE IT. That's why I think we all deserve a grace period and we deserve an "it's okay, just don't freakin do that again", when we are sane enough to recognize our poor behaviour and apologize. I mean let's be realistic, for every bad day we have there is about 100 good one's, so its unfair to be judged on he basis of them.

I don't know maybe this forgiving nature I seem to be inheriting, is stemming from my new years resolution to really honor and believe in the good in everyone I know, have known or come across. But I really do think that there is a lot of good in everyone, even our worst enemies. And the truth is, today was evidence that you really have no idea why someone acts the way they do half the time. I mean half the time we don't even fully admit, why we are acting the way we are, since we tend to keep things to ourselves. Which in all fairness is completely normal, because we are scared and/or afraid of admitting the things that really have us tied in a knot. Therefore, to judge, be mad or downright angry at someone for having a few bad days in a row isn't necessarily fair.

So as I end this post, I am saying a HUGE AND MASSSIVE I'M SORRRRRRY, to everyone out there that has been affected by one of my bad days and in return am saying an even more massive I UNDERSTAND AND ITS OKAY to all of those whose bad days I have been the brunt of. I'll even offer up a free hug to seal the deal :)

And yes, now to all of you in cyberspace it's your turn to do the same :)

Til next time!!

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