Sunday, February 17, 2013

NeRdY hObBbIEs ThAt HAvE sOmeThInG iNteRestIng 2 sAY - From YoUrs tRuLY, A NeRd AT hEarT :)

Its official I HAVE BECOME OBSESSED, obsessed with the idea, thought and activity of reading. And I realize how nerdy, I could potentially sound. But truth be told that at my inner core lies a true nerd. That's right, behind all the stylish clothes, stiletto heals, glasses, crazy hair and make-up lies a nerd. A nerd that thrives off of learning and reading about new things. And while I am also obsessed with mediums like Ted Talks and YouTube, I just can't shake the thrill I get from cracking open a fresh new book and turning the pages as I forge forward through the book and get closer to the end. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU OPENED UP A BOOK FOR FUN? YOU KNOW A LEISURELY READ? AND WHAT WAS IT?

I think back to the days of being a kid, when my dad would drag me to the public library every other Sunday, so I could pick out books to read in my "spare" time. You know outside of the time I had beyond school work, my dad's extra homework he always seemed to have for me, kumon and house chores - WHERE WAS THE TIME I WAS ALLOTTED FOR BEING A KID, I ALWAYS USED TO ASK? I think that's why I still love to dance my heart out at any given second and play in the snow and sandbox, I'm clearly making up for lost time, lol. 

Anyhow, like most things in my life at the time, those trips to the library were structured. I was allowed to pick 1 history book, 1 geography book, 1 science book and 1 "fun book". I used to scroll the sections of the library for hours, and really only because I was staring at the kids who got to read and pick all the "fun books". Regardless, I would always admit defeat in my multiple attempts to pick only fun books and return home from the library with a stack of books that seemed to be much taller than me. WHY, WHY, WHY? WAS I FORCED TO READ ALL THESE BOOKS?!??!?! In those days, i would just stare at the ceiling on those Sunday's when I returned home from the library and think to myself, this is it, this is who I am destined to be "The Fat Smart/Nerdy Kid", C'est Le Vie, at least I will make billions (which I am still waiting for, lol). 

But regardless of all the reading that was forced upon me, I still found hours during the day to hide inside the library at school sneaking reads of all the "fun books". No one was going to stop me from learning all about the babysitters club, the choose your own adventure stories, Nancy drew and Goosebumps. NO ONE, NOT EVEN THAT STACK OF GOD FORSAKEN BORING BOOKS!!!

Now as I have gotten older, I have made time on vacations and some spare moments to pick up a "fun book" and read. However I will admit that over the past 10 years most of those "fun reads" have been replaced with a stack of mile high text books, accounting and tax acts, GMAT books and life. My love for reading as much as i have vied for making more time for it just always seemed to get replaced with the next thing on my to do list that was getting me closer to being a successful running shoe era kid. 

However, as of late, I have taken an approach to living that boxes work into a 8/9-6/7 zone and life in every hour outside of it. It has taken a lot out of me to not care, to not check email and to just let it be, but the new life I live is simply amazing. AND now with all the spare time I have allotted myself, I have had the chance to read as many books as I want :) And I have to admit that the more I read - regardless of the book - the more I realize that the mere act of reading is teaching me so much about life. It's teaching me to dream with my eyes wide open and to enjoy the journey to the destiny that I know will eventually be. In so many ways along with my meditation practice, it's caused me to slow down, breath and just let things roll of my shoulders. CRAZY RIGHT? AND ALL THIS FROM READING :) Told you that life teaches you things ALL THE TIME. SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? GO GRAB THAT BOOK THAT YOU HAVE BEEN STARING AT FOR DAYS, WEEKS AND MONTHS AND JUST START READING IT :)

And with that I end with my latest book suggestion - The fault in our Stars (a new york times bestseller) and ASK YOU ALL OUT THERE TO MAKE SURE - YOU DEVOTE AT LEAST 15 MINUTES AT THE END OF YOUR DAY TO READING SOMETHING NEW, SOMETHING FUN AND SOMETHING THAT WILL PUT YOUR MIND AT REST AND EASE :) Let yourself dream with your eyes wide open and enjoy the journey - because IT WILL ALL WORK OUT, I KNOW :)

- Happy long weekend and week ahead, tootles :)

PS. Have a book suggestion? I'm looking to add to my list! If so leave a comment with the name and author of the book :)

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