Sunday, February 10, 2013


Is it February already?!?!?! The holiday season seems to be but a distant memory, the cold weather seems to get worse and then suddenly there it is, that dreaded week, day and time of year dawns upon us. You know the week when chocolates, flowers, candies, jewellery and everything in between sell for a premium, the week that guys seem to dread the most and the week that girls seem to swoon over and count down on their calendars. YESSSSS THAT'S RIGHT FOLKS - ITS LOVE WEEK!!! VALENTINES DAY, WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT :) and no matter what you say or do, we all must live through it. 

Now being the female that I am, of course I live and breath for this holiday much in the same way that I do Christmas. But it's not what you think. I am not the big expensive gift expector, nor do I ever shell out millions of dollars to wish those closest to me a happy Valentines Day. So I don't buy into this whole retail craziness that seems to spread like wild fire around this week. I simply love this holiday, only because in lives as crazy as ours we get to take one day out a year to make sure that we tell those closest to us how much we love, appreciate and respect them. And so while gorgeous jewellery, bouquets of flowers and chocolates that will only allow my butts to enlarge are nice, why not get into the true Valentines spirit and just buy a card, write a letter or a note, send a text message, pick up the phone or show up and surprise someone and just spread the message the old school way :) 

As a kid I think back to my most favourite Valentine's memory - my parents surprising my sister and i with a massive heart shaped cookie from Mrs. Field's that had Happy Valentines Day scripted on it - and think, whatever happened to all those simple things. You know, like the cute little Valentine's cards we exchanged in school that were full of all the cutest characters and cartoons of our times, the single stem roses we used to exchange in high school and the chocolates that used to circulate the halls of every school no matter what age or grade you were. Those were the best Valentines Days EVER! Wouldn't you agree? 

That's why I have set out on my own Valentines Day mission :) Curious? Well in one of my first posts on my blog, I wrote about this amazing Non-For-Profit called MoreLoveLetters that had started out in NyC. Their mission - to spread love through letter writing - has inspired me to take it back to the old school and spread some Valentines Day Love in my most favourite way possible- VALENTINES DAY CARDS!!!! So I took a trip to a local shoppers drug mart and my most favourite paper store and stocked up on supplies to begin my VALENTINES DAY CARD GIVING MISSION! So how does this mission work you ask. Well I have hand written on about 20 of the cutest Valentine's Day Cards (picture below) and addressed them to "lucky random strangers who get to find them." My job this week is to leave these cards in random places in the city. You know like on the streetcar, at the gym, in my office building, in the underground, in my favourite coffee shop, and the list goes on. I have left my blog handle on all the cards, hoping that the lucky finders of these cards will leave a comment or two. But really I have no expectations of ever hearing back from these random strangers, I just want to want to spread some love and make sure that everyone gets to smile this Love Week :) 

It's plain old crazy if you ask me, this mission of mine. But at the same time rather exciting and fun. I only wish I could stalk the millions of places I leave these cards to watch people's reactions when they open them :) All I can hope for is a smile, a giggle and good old fashion heart warm that will make their day, week and Valentines Day. 

And with that i leave you all. May you all take some time out this week, to really think of those you love, have loved and will love and let them all know how much they mean to you. Over the past bit I have really come to know about how short lived some of our times are together, and you just don't want to let the moments pass you by, thinking you will be able to tell them someday. This week - don't wait :) Make it your Valentines Day and Love Week Mission to open up your hearts and embrace your inner Valentines day child :) 

Happy Love Week :)


  1. What a great initiative, and way to spread a little love around the city! Happy Love Week!

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  3. Hi. I found your little card in Loblaws today. I must say it made my day and reading your blog speaks volumes to me. It was truly meant to be. Such a great idea and it made me smile! :)

    Happy Valentines Day!

  4. @Jfo thanks so much for the support, good wishes, inspiration and of course the laughs :)

    @aloveaddict your blog is also really good and have signed up to follow it as well:) keep writing!

    @anonymous SO GLAD that I had the chance to make your day! I am also glad that my writing is something you have been able to connect with! Its comments like yours that keep me completely encouraged to keep writing

    @everyoneelse, THANK YOU for all the kind messages, cute little prezzies and surprises that I got this week! This was one of the best love weeks ever! AND yes mission is complete! All those little cards went out, including a couple surprise ones I threw in the mail to get to people the old school way :) Thank you for leaving me feeling happy, fulfilled, committed to bettering my life and the lives of those around me. Hope you all continue to allow yourself to believe in love, be loved and love :)