Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A what?!?!?! A MANTRA I SAID!!!!

So its about to get real spiritual up in here. And I know I tend to be the philosophical type, but I think I may just take it to a whole other level during this post.

I am here, I have arrived. I am officially in my new home town, surrounded by everything new and yet everything familiar all at the same time. Life is crazy wonderful and at the same time completely and utterly overwhelming. Everyday is new, and while I know I have done a lot of my day to day before and over and over again, somehow it just feels like I am learning to ride a bike from scratch.

So what is one to do? Live this overwhelming life while feeling as though my air supply could be cut off shortly? or do I retreat? Step back and take a moment or two to take in all that is happened and all that I know is about to happen.

Retreat wins, because lets face it I wanna see this beautiful life through.  And so you may ask how does one retreat, well duh?!?!!? by committing oneself to a #30DayHotYogaChallenge. Which is simple, 30 days in the month of April = 30 days of yoga, which also means 30 days of a lot of sweating, a lot of dirty hair and bunmakers and a whole lot of running to work to make it in on time. Sounds simple right? Physically yes, but what I never anticipated were the spiritual and emotional aspects that committing yourself to such a challenge brings.

So let's begin with what I mean. A while back, in conversation with someone who was trying to help me out of a really dark time, she mentioned that in a similar time in her life she found that having her own personal mantra helped her. And while she shared her mantra with me, I tried desperately to make her words work for me. But they didn't and over time this idea of a mantra has come up over and over and over again and yet, it never really stuck with me. It could be that I try to force thoughts in my head at times or it could just be that nothing has really resonated. Well, nothing until now. Just as I committed myself to this Yoga challenge, I found this picture on Pintrest and immediately was drawn to it.

And I know its something so simple and so something our parents would say to us on a daily basis. But only as I started this challenge did I start to really hear the thoughts in my head, you know the I can'ts, I'm scared, oh god I am going to hurt myself. And suddenly I realized about a couple classes in that if for every time I had a doubt or a fear in my mind, I replaced it with the phrase above, I suddenly became invincible and more willing to challenge and push myself to believe in what I am capable of, not just on the mat, but in every single aspect of my life.

Now its only been 8 days, 10 if you count the two days I went before the challenge officially started, so who knows what will come of me at the end of this month. But for now, what I will say is that I have found my own personal mantra and with that my own personal warrior, cheerleader and picker upper, which means I no longer need saving, because I have saved myself. Which is why I have come to be this massive believer now in that idea of
"change your thoughts, change your life"

So now to all of you out there in cyber space. What are your Mantra's? And if you don't have one yet, what's stopping you from finding one? Hell, it could be one crazzzy ass rap song for all I care. BUT TAKE THE TIME, TO FIND ONE, TO MAKE IT STICK AND THEN PUT THAT S@!T ON REPEAT IN YOUR MIND, Just like your favourite song. It will change your life and if you don't believe me then try it and tell me otherwise...BECAUSE I KNOOW I AM RIGHT :)

And on that note I shall retreat to the comfort of my new bed in my new flat in my new poppppin' town :)

Til next time, cheers mates!


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