Sunday, November 24, 2013

Where did you go NoVeMbER?

There is something about this time of year that gets everyone a bit nostalgic. The streets begin to fill with people carrying massive shopping bags, running from one place to the next, the tree's, buildings and everythings in between are draped in bright amazingly beautiful Christmas lights and the crisp, cold air is full of little white dots that surround you making you feel as though you are trapped in an adult size snow globe.

This past month has been a zoo, how did November start and suddenly come to an end? I have spent so much time in between airports, airplanes, taxi's, hotels and all that other typical travel stuff, that its like I just closed my eyes and opened them 30 days later. I am definitely not complaining at how lucky I have been to see the world through these eyes this past month, but I am sad that I somehow let November pass me by, with out even letting a single Christmas song play out loud in my apartment or hotel while I danced feverishly all around the place, lol.

In feeling as though the days, the weeks, and the months just keep passing me by as I busily get from one place to the next, I keep having thoughts of finding the busiest place in whatever city I am in and screaming at the top of my lungs STOPP!!!!! or somehow pull a Zack Morris and suddenly be able to freeze time for a moment or two. Just to give me enough time to play at least one of my favorite Christmas Songs and get all giddy or respond to an email / letter / text to some of my dearest to let them know that their thoughts, prayers and friendships are the life line to what keeps me going.

I thought I was the only one who was feeling this overwhelming sense of life, but then I came across one of the blogs I follow and realized I wasn't alone. Reading her words, made me feel as though they were written just for me, written so that I would see them and realize I needed to force those one or two moments:

"I’m watching other people wait for something. All around me. People at the door. Flights in the crooks of the terminals. Restless to get somewhere, and go somewhere, and be somewhere, and leave somewhere. And it takes every ounce of human in me not to grab the shoulders of people I’ve never seen before and shake them good. Grab them with an urgency and just admit to someone, “I’m scared of missing the point. I’m scared of always rushing to get somewhere, onto the next somewhere, that I never fully arrive anywhere.” 

And that's just the thing. Lately, I have been feeling as though i haven't been in a place long enough to fully arrive. I mean my mind is full of thoughts of the "what's next", vs. taking in the little moments and allowing things to slow down and stop. Everything will happen in time as we all know, so why this crazy sense of urgency suddenly? IT NEEDS TO STOP. I NEED TO STOP. WE NEED TO STOP. And take that moment to enjoy one of the most amazing times of year.

So as we head into a month and season that tends to be even more crazier than this past November, I challenge you all take that moment or two and really just stop, reflect, and find someone who’s been good to you– all sorts of sweet to you all this time– and grab their hand and say,

“Let’s take this moment or two out together, to do something mindless, fun and crazy, something that we will look back and think about and know we were glad we took that time."

Happy End of November, tootles :)

- A 

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