Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I'M IN LOVE.....

With my life that is :) What did all you all in cyber space think I was going to expose my full life out on this blog...LOL...

Anyhow, as I started off I AM IN COMPLETE LOVE WITH MY LIFE RIGHT NOW, probably more than I have ever been before. There is no stress, no anxiety and no sense of the little voices in my head nagging at me. Instead there is just this absolute sense of calm, amazingness and obviii some crazyness. 

Therefore with that being said, after reading the below on Robin Sharma's blog today, I couldn't help but think that this not only summed up how I feel, but also that it was worth sharing with everyone out there in cyber space. 

Hope this brings a smile to all your faces and encourages you all to LOVE your Lives. And if you aren't in COMPLETE LOVE with your life right now, do what you need to do to make it so that you are....

Happy reading 

- A

I'm in LOVE....

...with the idea that ordinary people can do extraordinary things once they start believing they can. 

...with the notion that we all have some unique version of genius within us, begging to see the light of day. 

...with the principle that great things inevitably happen to people who consistently do good things. 

...with the philosophy that our lives do not reflect lucky breaks but hard work and massive focus.

...with the rule that being kind is never a mistake. 

...with the habit of relentlessly delivering more than is expected. 

...with the regimen of living in a way that honours what you believe to be right, even if the world laughs loudly at you. 

...with the prescription of doing one thing each day to make your character stronger, and your heart bigger. 

...with the concept that good manners and personal excellence never goes out of style. 

...with the truth that our lives reflected what we've settled for not what we deserve

...with the insight of "just because you've never done it before doesn't mean you can't do it today. 

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