Sunday, June 16, 2013

The RETURN after a long HIATUS - The Travelling Diaries AKA. The Running Shoe Diaries

While it has definitely been longer than expected, I can't help but have this mild feeling of a deja vu as I sit in front of my lap top and let my fingers begin to do all the talking. My hiatus, while longer than expected, has mainly been in part to the serious and in depth writing relationship I have been having with the pages of my journal. The journal, oh yes the journal...The journal that has taken me to a multitude of foreign cities and onto new life adventures that have only been beyond my wildest dreams. Life has been nothing short of exciting as of late, and while I can delve into all the details right this minute, I feel as though these adventures have the ability to feed blogs to come :) I will say that the amount of pinch me " IS THIS REALLY MY LIFE " moments have been numerous and at times have made me wonder if people looking at me as I walk through the streets, the airport terminals, the hallways of my office and anywhere in between think I am absolutely crazy, on drugs or about to go on a creepy shooting rage. Not saying my smile is creepy, because I believe it is quite the opposite, lol, but you get my drift :)

Anyways, what I have toyed with for quite some time is where exactly to start. Its tough sometimes to start over, or get back into things when you have been away so long and yet while things slowly begin to seem like second nature, its the ramp up that takes a lot of work and effort. So as I ease my way into things I thought it was best to start with a bit of comedy mixed with some life lessons from my travels. I call this MY FAVORITE THINGS ABOUT TRAVELLING, not listed in any particular order and for your reading pleasure. So here we go:

1. EATINGGGGGGGGGGGG - Can I just say how I love that the minute you get on a plane and document your trip as vacation, you immediately allow yourself the ability to indulge in EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING. Jesus!!!!!!! The amount of cheese, crepe's, bread, pastries and everything in between I ate is endless. I'm pretty sure there were moments where I thought to myself, JESUS This is why I was obese in my younger days...LOL.

2. Taking Random and Weird pictures of yourself - So I like to think I am creative with picture placement, although i will say that some of these ideas can come off as weird and absolutely crazy. But I will share, that i was in the middle of a square, where people were taking pictures with statues and lamp posts, NOT ME. I found a whole in the gate that lined this square and tapped a random Korean tourist on the shoulder and was like can you take my photo please. He said yes, and turned to a lamp post, he thought I would pose with and I was like no over here. And went and shoved myself in the whole in the gate and was like now please :) While his reaction was like WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU. The minute he was done, he was like actually can you take my photo in the same way, THANKS! WOOOOT!!!! SO my wacky ideas are rubbing off one picture at a time :)

3. Taking random pictures of other people - Yes I will say it, give me a camera and I can become a bit of a creeper..LOL. But in all honesty, its my attempt at being "creative" I wish I could post some of the pictures I took, but while I sat in many parks and cafe's, squares and gardens. I took so many pictures of other people, just to capture some of the most beautiful moments I was lucky enough to witness.

4. Getting lost  - Yes anal, every moment needs to be planned me, LOVES getting lost at the heart of it. The amount of weird streets, cute little shops, parks, bridges and spots you are able to find make it all that much better. And on top of it there is something about find your way again all on your own, with just a map that makes you feel like you could really survive  and get through even the hardest of times. It sort of makes you believe that even when you feel the most lost in your life, you will find your way.

5. Meeting random people - It's crazy how many random people you can meet along on your travels. Whether its local's or people from other cities visiting, its actually quite refreshing. The conversations you get to have and experiences you get to share make your travels that much more interesting, special and exciting. Plus making friends from all over the world, give you reasons to travel back or to new places you have never been before.

6. Faking accents - I'm pretty sure I have put together a pretty good British accent, thanks to my 2 year old coach little P :) But seriously, picking up the lingo, the terms and the mannerisms make you feel like a local while you are away and absolutely extraordinary when you return home.

7. Being Adventurous - Traveling isn't just about seeing new things, its about testing your limits. So whether you climb all the steps of the Eiffel tower, or ride a bike all through a city almost getting killed or learn how to surf or stand up paddle board in the middle of the ocean, its all about BEING ABSOLUTELY CRAZY SPONTANEOUS AND ADVENTUROUS. It makes your travels so much more exciting and definitely gives you stories to share with everyone when you return.

8. FRESH AIR - Not saying the air isn't fresh where you live. But there is something about leaving the confinements of your every day life and really just breathing on your own. You know with no one to tell you how to think, feel or act. Its just you, your ability  to sit back and really just think, get clarity and come to these revelations you never thought possible. This trip for me was by far one of the best and most life changing, its made me see, realize and believe in things I didn't even think would ever be possible and now here I am living my dream, which is pretty freakin unreal :)

9. Coming Home - No matter how good a vacation or a long trip away is. It is always nice to come home to the people you love. Someone shared this quote with me while I was away and I thought that it was something that could totally be extrapolated to include everyone in our lives  that mater "You can separate two people by distance but you can never break the bridge that connects their hearts, no matter where they are in the world." And its so true. Even for me the nomad that loves the idea of traveling and living out of a suit case and going between cities, experiencing new and crazy adventures, loves at the heart of it all, the awesome hello's at the airport and the exciting conversations you get to have with friends when you return. It makes you realize just how lucky and loved you are.

Annnnnnnnnnnd I believe the list continues, but for now this is all my jet leg brain can come up with :) Do you have a favorite? One you care to share? Drop a comment if you doo!

Til next time interweb :) In the mean time, keep smiling, traveling and living your dreams.

- A

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