Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A TrIp dOWn An aFrIcAN MeMoRY LaNe

It's funny how things just seem to pop up in your mind when you least expect it. Three almost four years ago I lifted myself from an almost perfect life and threw myself into an African Adventure that was on my bucket list of things to do. I came back to more chaos then I can imagine, but tonight as I came across my old blog from my african school days I realized just how parallel my life is to that exact moment.
Reading through the entries, made me see that a lot of the lessons I had learnt then, I lost in the chaos of getting trapped in the life of a running shoe era child once I returned. Its funny how your moments of clarity can get lost in the chaos of life, and then hit you one day like a tonne of bricks when you realize WHAT THE HELL I ALREADY LEARNT THAT!!!! WHY THE HELL DIDN'T I LISTEN TO MYSELF THEN!! Regardless, just like I said in my last post - life is like a circle and I'm making mine an African one, since clearly the Lion King sound tracks is one of my favs :)

As the seconds, minutes and hours get closer to my next adventure, I am clutching my new favorite journal in hand getting ready to return to the old school way of writing - with a pen and paper :) As I sign off I promise to come back with lots of funny stories, tales and of course life lessons. But in the interim I leave you all with the link to the blog that started it all off - Arti's African Adventure (yes I know the title lacks serious creativity!!).

Happy Reading, Laughing and Living

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