Wednesday, January 1, 2014


2013 began in a way that I never quite imagined, but in likely what was one of the lowest moments of my life, I vowed as I rang in the New Year to dedicate the year to myself; to the idea of regaining my spirit, my confidence, belief in myself and most of all my self respect and appreciation for the amazing woman that I knew I really was, despite what others words, broken promises, lies and moments of cruelty had made me believe. 

As 2013 inched closer to its end, I found it absolutely crazy in knowing that I had far exceeded my expectations for my original 2013 goal. Especially since so many points within the year resembled the idea of taking steps forward and than suddenly running back to a place that was even further back from where I started. Where I would end up and if I would even get myself to where I wanted to at least try to be were a constant question and worry that kept me up at night. But as I said before I did exceed my expectations and I have no idea at what point I hit this massive turning point, but I did and now I sometimes giggle to myself thinking of how happy I have truly become not only with myself, but with my life in its entirety. 

So with that, before I turn to my focus in 2014, in true me style, I would like to inspire all of you to live the best year of your life. And while 2013, has drawn to a close, its important that we all spend a bit of time reflecting on the year that has passed and understand what some of the key lessons were that we had learnt.  

Therefore, in following what one of my favourite bloggers did, I have summarized below my greatest 10 lessons learnt in 2013 (promise they are short!!!). I hope they give you a foundation to start your lists and inspire you with some of your goals for 2014. 

So here we go and in no particular order.

1. I learnt that while we want to resist change, it needs to happen to allow for even better and bigger things to come. 

2. Sometimes things happen that we can not explain or make sense of, but it's just not worth it to contemplate, debate and throw energy into things that are completely out of our control. It's best to just BE YOU and focus your energy on that, because that's all you can really control. 

3. Doing nice things for people you either care about or don't even know feels soooo good, it becomes almost addicting to spread that kind of joy.

4. Clearing out the negativity in all aspects of your life, can be hard, but its so damn worth it, because once its all out you truly become excited about every moment you are living.

5. Melatonin is the greatest thing in life when you are traveling through 535363636353 time zones in a month. 

6. Love is truly everything and all you need. And I don't necessarily mean the love you get from you man or woman, I mean the Love you feel for yourself and the life that you are living.  

7. If you pay close attention to every moment in your life and really relish the idea of living in the NOW, you'll notice that there is a path the universe is guiding you on.

8. Sometimes bad things happen, for a good reason and while we wish we could erase the pain and suffering, when you look back you realize that you needed to go through something to really find yourself and who you are. 

9. Confidence in yourself and your abilities is the most powerful feeling ever.

10. Uncertainty and the idea of the unknown can be so damn scary, but for some reason they always seem to lead to moments where you have to pinch yourself to believe you are really alive.

So there you have it, I know there is a lot more I could say, but some times things are better left unsaid :) May you all be inspired to reflect on the year that has passed and allow that reflection to focus your mind on making 2014 your best year yet. 

For me, 2013 was my year for myself and now that I have found her,  I am dedicating 2014 to finding LOVE. And who knows I may have already found it, it may actually be just under my nose, but I'm gonna take 2014 to figure all this LOVE stuff out, because I am ready :)

And as I close, I would like to say that the running shoe diaries will be on hiatus till February, as I pack up my belongings and squeeze everything I own into suitcases and boxes for a more permanent relocation to a city I knew was always meant for me.

Happy reflecting and goal setting :) AND of course Happy New Year to all of you out there in cyber space, may you make this year your BEST YEAR YET! See you February from my new home!!!

- A 

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